Protect your phone

MobiUcare is perfect solution for keeping your smart phone from lost, misplaced, or stolen

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Basic features are free

Locator & SIM card change notification are FREE
Absolutely, It is FREE membership

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Top Features

Step 1. Finding Phone

  • If SIM card is changed, you will receive email notification instantly
  • using "Find phone" feature, you can get the location of phone on map and then
  • make it loud "siren" to locate your phone.
  • take a picture from lost phone
  • Step 2. Lock screen

    If you can’t find phone, you can lock your phone screen to protect your privacy and confidential data by LOCKING PHONE SCREEN command.

    Step 3. Wipe out

    Let say "there is no way to get a phone back", you can still be safe from your privacy and confidential data by Wipe out your phone.
    Basically, it will delete all the data on your phone.
    Permanently, you can delete all the date on your phone by access "Wipe out" command in case you can’t get a phone back.



    I have tried ALL the other other programs, free and paid and this one is by far the BEST one out there. For the price, you can add up to 5 devices with YOUR Google account, and none of the other programs will do that. Ever left your phone say in a friends car, and don't have a lock screen? woops! Don't want them to read your messages, emails etc? This will lock it IMMEDIATELY! lol. The response for location, sending messages, locking device...all of them are FAST!! WELL worth the 3 bucks! If you don't have it, GET IT!!


    Wow, just wow. I installed 3 apps on my new Samsung Galaxy S II. WaveSecure, Lookout, and this... I first tried Lookout, it took like 2 hours to 'find' and around 30 minutes to send a 'siren'. I then tried WaveSecure, wasn't satisfied. Then Mobiucare, and lol, sent siren in harldy a minute, found phone in hardly 2-3 minutes, locked phone with message hardly 1 minute... and the best feature is, I took myself a pretty neat picture from my mobiles frontal camera, which is the most useful cuz backcamera would be 99% be facing down if stolen. The picture came back to me almost instantly. The only downside i see so far in my testing is that the camera "clicks". If its possible to silently take pictures, that would be double awesome. Also the siren was pretty loud. Atleast louder than Lookout and has an option to allow them 'not' to turn it off. I'm definetly buying the paid version, but the market in my country doesn't support it. Is there any other payment mode ?? - A 200% satisfied customer here. Works exactly as advertised :)