Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do you support iPhone or Blackberry?
We MobiUcare are experts on Android platform. Furthermore we believe in present & future of Android. Because of it's openness and strong ecosystem.
Can I use basic service forever?
Basic service is also very powerful service that includes locating, siren and SIM notification.
But our premium service is very effective to protect your smart phone & its data. Furthermore we continuously update premium features.
Difference between Free & Premium version
Free version provides remote locating service and SIM care change notification service. If you upgrade it to Premium version, then you have access to unlimited "remote screen lock" and "remote wipe out" service. For 1 month, free version user can use whole service without limitation.
How can I upgrade it to premium service?
We provide very simple payment method on app. In MobiUcare app,
  • click menu key
  • select upgrade
  • click Buy
  • enter payment information
  • Then it will be upgraded instantly.
  • Using services
    How can I remove screen lock
    Please follow these step
    • Press menu
    • Press settings
    • Press Location and Security
    • Press Change Screen Lock
    • Enter your password
    • Choose None
    How can I log in?
    It is same as your Google account that you used when you were registering with MobiUcare.
    If sim card is changed, What happen?
    If someone change sim card, MobiUcare detects it and notify to you by email & SMS.
    To enable SMS notification, go to preference on MobiUcare and enter phone number which can receive this notification.
    Taking a picture using front camera
    For technical problem, only Android 2.3 or above can take a picture using front-facing camera.
    Battery consumption and data usage
    It uses network or CPU resource, ONLY when you request location or some commands. So, you don’t have to worry about BATTERY consumption like other apps that monitors Android systems. Network usage is very small except picture transfer (about 200k per a picture)
    How can I uninstall it?
    In case of lost or stolen, MobiUcare should not be removed to track phone. So it has special mechanism that protects from uninstallation. To uninstall, please follow these step
    • Press preference
    • Uncheck "Advanced Security"
    • Uninstall as usual apps

    My phone is locked, I can't get it to open
    I think you can't remember your password.
    In this case, please set password again using "Lock phone screen" menu of
    It can not get the correct location.
    Please check location related options
  • Setting of phone
  • Location and security
  • I'd like to be able to control multiple phones
    If you want to manage other phones. you have to add your google account to other phones.

    On another device, register same google email account.
    • Settings-->Accounts-->Add account
    • Download MobiUcare
    • Launch MobiUcare and register using your google email account.
    • Then you can control it at (You can select phone at the top right corner of a site's page)
    How can I control device via SMS
    1) Set a password and enable SMS command option using "Preference" menu of the app
    2) Send SMS commands

    Locate phone : ## locate password
    Siren : ## siren password
    Lock screen : ## lock password screenlockpassword
    Factory reset : ## wipe password
    Reset and format SD : ## wipeall password
    Toggle GPS : ## gps password
    Toggle WIFI : ## wifi password
    Toggle Bluetooth : ## bluetooth password
    SMS command does not work
    What's your SMS application? Some SMS app intercepts SMS messages and prevent MobiUcare recieve it. For example, "GO SMS Pro" intercepts it. To enable "SMS command feature" you probably have to disable interception feature of the SMS app. In case of "GO SMS Pro", uncheck Menu-->Receive Settings--> "Disable other message notification"
    I hided this app and want to make it appear again in app drawer.
    You can make it appear by sending text message .

    ## showapp password